๐ŸงฎData Teams

Supersimple helps data teams empower the rest of their organizations to get to true data insights. This means that data people can focus on the strategic work instead of constant firefighting.

With Supersimple:

  1. The entire company can align around a single, accurate, shared semantic data model;

  2. Data teams can focus their effort on strategic work and the truly complex ad-hoc questions;

  3. Other teams get answers to 90% of their questions on their own, meaning they get to ask more and find out more โ€“ย without worrying about bogging you down.

Data teams normally like to maintain the data model inside their existing source control system (such as GitHub). This gives you a built-in audit log for any changes, as well as allowing you to go through your normal code review processes.

All of this combined helps you build a truly robust data stack for your company.

Read more about how data teams can enable self-service BI using Supersimple from our website.

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