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🛎️ Alerts ​

Supersimple lets you set up alerts to get notified whenever new rows matching a certain criteria get added to your database.

Setup ​

When setting up an alert, you'll be asked to choose which columns to use for determining alert uniqueness. To illustrate how this works, let's look at a couple of examples:

  • Using "Account ID": notify any time an account ID shows up in this list that hasn't previously been alerted about
  • Using "Account ID" + "Status": notify any time an account's status changes to a status that it hasn't had before
  • Using "Account ID" + a custom formula column of start_of_month(now()): notify at most once per month for each account
Create alert
Add alert details

Alert delivery ​

Alerts can be sent to either Slack or custom webhooks.

For Slack, you can configure the connection using the instructions within the Alert setup flow. Each matching alert row will be sent as a separate Slack message.

Using custom webhooks, we send over the row as a JSON POST payload.

Existing alert rows ​

Any rows that are seen in the results of the alert query at the time of creating the alert are ignored and set as "already seen".

Any relevant changes to that table from that moment onwards will deliver alerts.